EOS - Sleeping Giant

Hi, this is my new update for EOS . EOS is one of the boring coins in cryptocurrency, but something special will happen soon and everyone will be surprised. In this analysis we have double bottom in the chart, double bottom in the MACD and double bottom in RSI , and that indicates something special will happen very soon, also a massive bullrun. If we look at the Ethereum Classic chart we see something similar in the structure for ETC between 22th February and 5th May, also a massive bullrun in ETC from $9 to $155 in 45 days and the structure that we have now in EOS . I have chosen some targets for EOS and that is possible to catch up with the rest of the market. The first target is very realistic and that is FIB 2.618 (target $50-57) and the second target is full extension in fibonacci 4.236 (target $92-100). If you think EOS is the only coin that is lagging behind and will never get any bullrun, you are WRONG. There are more coins that is lagging behind (XRP, DASH, ZCASH, BCH, LTC...), and they are going to get their ALTSEASON too, because these coins have done it in the previous altseasons and they are going to do the same thing again. I expect the top of the bullrun in TOTAL Market Cap will be done with top of these coins that are lagging behind, so be patient and don't panic ;)