EOS could to turn to bullish movement to $15 USD

Looking the Daily timeframe , EOS it's look bullish . But if you see, there's a fast up movement that EOS make rejection below of $5.60 USD approximately. EOS continue in this bullish channel since December 2020 from $2.24 USD. Now, there a lot chances that EOS continue to $15 USD or $12 USD in the resistance line up that form this bullish channel . Also, in H8 timeframe, we see a formation of Shoulder Head Shoulder inverted. That could be a good signal for the next trade!!!



dont think so , eos like all other project follow the btc trend if btc up all other project up too, otheriwse down.sometimes in turn they decide to make scheduled pumps or they do them when a news about the project comes out! Boring bro you have to be lucky to find out when pump start otherwise just look at btc trend
LeoMaster01 PensieriParole
@PensieriParole, Everything goes in market cycles. EOS hit its ATH when Bitcoin was in a Bear Market. It will happen again and that's how EOS got its name. Unfortunately, it's taken 3+years to start its repeat.
Can see this out come if bitcoin doesn't fall bellow 30,000 if it does 2.5 is a wonderful buy