EOS. punch $ 6 and test $ 9.

After a long fall, which began in May 2018, the EOS came out of its incident channel. The first attempt to get out of the channel was not successful and the price returned to him after leaving the channel. But on September 19, buyers were able to get out of the falling channel for the second time and more did not return to it.
In my opinion, the global correction on this coin is over, but today I will consider the short-term scenario.
If the fall of this coin was over (wave C) - then it lasted 107 days. If we consider the negative scenario that the fall should continue, even in this scenario, the correction of the previous fall has not yet been completed either at a time or at a price correlation. Approximate correction of this coin is possible October 18-20. Regarding the price, I figure that the logical end of the correction of the incident wave C (from May 1, 2018) will be in the range of 8.35-9 $.
On the chart, I drew in detail why I think so.
In this case, in order for this scenario to happen, buyers need to punch $ 6 and the red trend line .
If I am mistaken, then the wave C (from May 2018) has not finished its fall and sellers must break through 5-5.2 $ and continue to fall.

If we analyze the history of this coin, then we see that the previous growth started after the $ 4 test. But to predict further growth of this coin I will be after:
1) buyers will bid $ 8.35-9
2) after the price zone test 8.35-9 $ buyers will hold a price above $ 6.
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