EOS - Correction (As you asked)

Market is going through correction right now, but some coins like ETH are recovering.
In my opinion, EOS is recovering too.
Wait until this recovering session is confirmed and then open your long positions... it's alt season so don't panic sell for now.
Wait for the breakout which happens right after the first closure of the 4H candle above the resistance area .
⚠️ NOTE: This usually happens when a coin gets hot on crypto platforms: it might go down by a little and then get back up to a new high.
Good Luck 🎲
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APPRCIATE IT. I am not training but I would like to buy it -In your opinion which is a good price entry?
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ShawnMCR Meg2stars
@Meg2stars, Once a 4H candle above $11.1 is confirmed, enter.
Meg2stars ShawnMCR
@ShawnMCR, Thank you
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Thanks this actually confirmed what I was thinking.
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ShawnMCR odshlomo
@odshlomo, Great to hear that. Thanks
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ShawnMCR Rastinmmm
@Rastinmmm, Thank you for you support