EOS Project 2019, Phase 01, Edition 01, Buy zones

Just an observation on EOS performance and key markers.

What surprised me looking back and now at EOS , is its overall performance in price and pattern, is significantly positive. It is also very symmetrical and continues to be so.
The other is its gains over BTC (refer to the chart approx. 190% gain over USD and 80% gain over BTC at its peak)
Moving forward in this bull trend, it makes sense to buy EOS and BTC at certain times. Refer to the EOS\BTC pairing chart.

I don't have the time to make to much commentary, so to summaries what I see:

1) In a channel as per diagram and is now consolidating, downwards.
2) We has hit its highest point (end of wave 5) refer to previous post results)
3) Its going down as like BTC , as it consolidates to the GREEN box, Buy Zone.
4) The fib circles are still playing their part nicely. Orange ring the support ring.
5) The red line is the 200 Daily EMA and is heading upwards towards the green zone, on the way confirming if its a good level to buy.
20 EMA on the daily is still acting support.
6) BTC dominance is to still drop more. If one times it well, with the EOS / BTC pairing chart and the BTC dominance chart
in conjunction with the EOS Chart, one can maximize their holdings. Not easy to do.
7) EOS has a little more to drop against BTC before it hits the support line for a reversal. Need to keep an eye on this, going long.
8) RSI on the daily > 55% and dropping, indicating by form, to the down side.
9) MACD on the daily > indicating to the down side.
10) Daily volume average > dropping

EOS / BTC pairing chart: Self explanatory.

BTC dominance chart:

CME BTC chart: The theory goes, that the gaps have to be filled and hence the theory, BTC will drop in price to fill the gaps (red circle to how much it needs to drop)

Posts like this, even make it better:

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Comment: No idea which way looking at this.
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Comment: So what are the updates, what do the charts look like. Well for EOS, I saw that it wasn't going to follow the previous patterns and hence I jumped in when I saw strong candles, although a bit late as it happened when I was sleeping. Sadly it seems everything happens when its 2 to 4 am here. EOS consolidating like BTC in a tight pattern. Staying above mostly on the 1 hrly 20 EMA.
Comment: BTC Dominance
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