Bullish Oil Futures = Energy Companies (#1 ERF)

NYSE:ERF   Enerplus Corporation
Again the same argument. The price is breaking a key resistance line from a weekly view, now we need to wait for the pullback around the 10.10 level so that the price consolidate this new earned ground and then the resistance line become a new support. The argument for all of this is a bullish Oil Futures .
This time I am a supporter of a long term trade based on the strength of the Energy Companies
The handle of this idea vary from trader to trader. I only provide good entry points I am an analyst not a trader
My intention is to put constants ideas in the desk of traders and investors

Not because I do not risk money here.
That does not mean that I do not put all my effort and time into finding good ideas
I do not risk money but my reputation is at stake
Or you would listen to me if nine out of ten are bad ideas :(