E-Mini S&P 500 (ES1!) -- Bearish Butterfly

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A Bearish Butterfly appears to be in play with a PRZ of 1903.00-1903.25. This corresponds with an AB=CD on the weekly (starts March 2009) that has a PRZ of 1889.50-1909.25. The projected timeframe of the reversal is within the next 10 days. The Butterfly should retrace at least to the 382 of the CD leg (1876.75). A retrace of the AB=CD from the weekly has a projected retrace below 1600. Additional notes on chart.

Suggest waiting for confirmation before entering a Short position.

Problems with this prediction:
-- No method is right all of the time.
-- I'm new to Harmonics, so don't count me as a seasoned hand.
-- The AB=CD on the weekly is extreme, though it does appear to fit inside of Scott Carney's rules.
I was a bit surprised that the Butterfly did not pan out. However, the AB=CD from March 2009 appears to have hit. Chart updated 08Apr2014 at
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