a fair warning (the rabbit hole)

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market makers are going to catch everyone when they least expect it - so this is my message to you all: to expect the unexpected, and prepare for what is to come.

i have two scenario outlined here

the blue scenario takes us higher into next week to put in this Wave 1

the red scenario shows the end of this bull run from march, putting in the same Wave 1

if we break down today, i am full short on everything, if we don't - i will short at the next algo target.

my current downside target on spx is at $3000, but my bias is very liquid so it is subject to change if the chart tells me otherwise.

Potential Wave (2) targets = 3500~2700

it is complex to figure out the down side target of something this massive, so we're going to have to play it day by day, and figure it out as we go.

ps. this drop will take crypto with it, so if you're long on anything, and you see this break-down occur - run.

i have talked about this target for awhile now, and we're finally here. how far the rabbit hole goes? i'm going to show you once we begin to break structure πŸ”¨πŸ˜ˆ


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