ES1 (S&P500 futures) just topped out!

CME_MINI:ES1!   S&P 500 E-mini Futures
Just happened minutes ago, the topping pattern of a High, Low, Lower High, Lower Low, Lower High, and then a Lower Low just completed and then it gave up and did a huge Markdown.
MACD has given an earlier indication of a drop, after pattern completion.

THIS IS a topping pattern, and it is of high probability that the S&P500 topped out.

Now waiting for it to continue the downward momentum and break the trend line support. But not before a rather lame attempt on daily charts next week to recover somewhat and reverse down again.

Watch for it...
Comment: In Asian hours, the /es just opened the week on a massive 1% GAP DOWN.

It would take some effort to close this gap today... else we got a Gap & Run, as well as a Down Friday Down Monday syndrome.

More downsideeeeeee.......