New Donchian Channels Modified_V2 With Alert Capability

CME_MINI:ES1!   S&P 500 E-mini Futures
Below are links to 2 updated indicators with Alert Capability...

***This Indicator was created by user Request to Add Alerts Capabilities for Donchian Channels .

New Features:
***Alerts Work - Ability To Create Alerts From Main Indicator.
***Can Also Be Used In Conjunction with Lower Indicator - CM_Donchian Channels Modified_V2_Lower_Alert
***Added Ability To Turn On/Off Highlight Bars.
***Added Ability to Turn On/Off Donch Channel Midline
***Added Ability to Turn On/Off Triangles That Plot At Top and Bottom Of Chart When Breakout Condition is TRUE.

Special Indicator Features:
***Ability To Use Different LookBack Period on Upper and Lower Donch Channel Lines.

How To Create Alerts:
***Create Alert by selecting Indicator - Either the name of the Upper Or Lower Indicator...
***Then select either Alert Breakout Upside or Downside(To The Right Of Indicator Name)
***Select Greater Than
***Select Value
***For Value put .99

Original Post Explaining Indicator is -
***If You Need Help Getting Custom Indicators to Trigger Alerts then View This Post.


Como faz para obter esse Indicador?
Looks slightly better than Donchian Channels. Do you have a link to download on MT4 "CM_Donchian Channels Modified_V2". Many thanks beforehand -
Nice but seems to be too many false signals ...and it triggers on large down candles?