Why You Shouldn't Feel "FOMO" Anymore

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Hello to you my dear TradingView readers,

All the below are based on my preferences, I don't give any financial recommendations and I have nothing to sell you with this article.
I'm sharing content because I see a lot of traders being/becoming broke and I don't want you to be one of them.

One reason I don't have fear of missing out is that after 11 years of trading, I've learned that almost no one in this game keeps the money they've made.

A person's 10 minutes of fame does not excite me.

Usually, I'm right in thinking that they'll end with nothing.

👇 Here is Why 👇

  • My uncle made a fortune trading stocks during the dot-com boom, so I got into it.
    He came up empty-handed.

  • With cryptocurrencies, I've seen young men turn $1,000 into over $100,000 in a matter of weeks.
    They've since lost everything and are now penniless and in debt.

  • Robert, one of the greatest legends to me in my trading journey, was once up $60 million from trading.
    He finished with nothing more than a good story.

I've seen it time and time again.

I'm no longer surprised by the rollercoaster of huge gains and losses.

It is my standard assumption.

I don't want anyone to suffer financial hardship.
Even those who appear to be clueless and act like fools.

The market gives and the market takes away.

It is extremely effective in this regard.

So let me say this: if you've made 100,000% in trading, I sincerely wish you the best.

But if you want congratulations, tell me when you’re retired.

The skills to make money are very different than the skills needed to keep that money.
The latter were more difficult for me to acquire...
If you want me to expand more on that topic, please let me know in the comments section.

I'll keep bringing a few articles like this every week because it helps me clarifying my thoughts AND giving back to the community makes me feel good about myself somehow :)
I intend to share all facets of what makes a fantastic profitable trader and how to attain that status.
This is both the most difficult and the most rewarding job.

Thank you for reading

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