E-Mini S&P 500 (ES1!) - Possible Bullish Shark

CME:ES1!   None
125 0 0
This may all be a fruitless exercise in playing with charts. However, it appears that a Bullish Shark could be forming in the ES (similar pattern in NQ             -- https://www.tradingview.com/v/s0qUlrIb/).

This needs to fall below 1830.00 for confirmation. As Harmonics are based on Elliot Waves, I envision the CD leg of the Shark as a five wave down. Thus, the B point of the AB=CD (yellow/orange) is likely the beginning of a two wave and the D point is likely the beginning of a fourth wave.

My preferred target for the D point of the Shark is 1616.50.

Geopolitical note (08Apr2014): It is appearing increasingly likely that Russia will move into Eastern Ukraine in a manner somewhat similar to Crimea.