ES - 15 Minute / Micro Range

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CME_MINI:ES1!   S&P 500 E-mini Futures
Housing continues to implode along with China's recent Urban Outfitters .

8:30 am Building permits (SAAR) July 1.63 million 1.70 million
8:30 am Housing starts (SAAR) July 1.52 million 1.56 million

Interesting China avoided its Ecuminiopolis Economy... it's worse, of course.

The Cerveza Sickness compounds across all regions.

The Hot Topic is China leaving behind "Zero Bat Soup"...

Unlikely, why abandoned control... yeah, naw, the CCP will never do that.


Hedge Funds have decided the Doom Loop is about to re-engage - placing very
heavy wagers on a serious move lower.

Currently, Micro Support for the ES is @ 4267.75.

For NQ - 13562.25


I am watching 4 instruments closely.

1. 2YY - 2 Year Futures 3.255

2. Crude Oil Range 77 - 95 (OXY Carbon Capture Squidview interesting, heavy bets there.)

3. DX - 107+ is going to be a large issue for the Bulls.

4. Cash VIX Wednesday after FOMC playbook full of Toxic Vapors.


Apple / Tesla / Microsoft / Amazon / NVidia and assorted Fang Frauds continue to
grind the Sellers - asymptomatic ALGO Driven eat sh_t Sellers grinder.

It remains a DIp Buyers Market, for now... let the Degens burn themselves out, it
is not time just yet, we're getting there, but the horny little devils need another
spunk junk run.


4303 is the important close, the Bulls need this, without it... it's winding back
down for a piece.

Patience is always the play, especially during Summer. Time is winding down
for TIME, August 22nd to September will tell us a great deal.

Fiscal Spending has been the latest Taxpayer Grift, Timme fo' Stimmy simply
received a bigger bill.

Delusions abound.

Comment: SPY Dipped in to Low PO

NQ Front run of 481 by 41 Handles
Comment: CRUDE 50% of FUll draw is 77.01 - Hopefully a brea k of 85 provides the Fill to 77s entry with a tight stop.

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