Identifying Market Direction with Volume and Price 

CME_MINI:ES1!   S&P 500 E-mini Futures
Find out how to determine the market direction of the trend with volume and price when day trading S&P 500 futures without any technical indicators.

Check out the video for a complete walk through of the market analysis of S&P 500 futures (ES) for 6 Jan 2021 trading session. In this video, you will find out the market recap during the last session and a trade review in the three-minutes timeframe (including entry, exit and the rationale behind). Going forward, I will cover the bias, the key levels to pay attention to, my trading plan for the session later.

Watch my market analysis video in the last session if you haven't in order to better relate to the market recap and the trade review.

Bias - neutral (Day trading); bullish (long term)

Key levels - Resistance: 3770, 3720; Support: 3670–3680

Potential setup - Look for potential reversal at the key levels.

Disclaimer: The information in this presentation is solely for educational purpose and should not be taken as investment advice.

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