ETC Bullish ! Trend reversal, Improving fundamentals !

POLONIEX:ETCBTC   Ethereum Classic / Bitcoin
The four most dangerous words in investing are " This time it's different. " ;-)

Is it different this time, lets assess the chart & fundamentals.

Chart Analysis

Candles Green > Weekly - 3 x 3 day - 8 of 9 daily

Bottom Rounding structure Support - 0.001 level tested 4 times over 2 weeks , support held, first time the down trend has gone into a sideways range consolidating with many green candles,
Where it had constantly been going down for months in a bear cycle.

Previous resistance - at 1150 turned support

All my different indicators that i use for reversal have been giving signals for sometime & my long term reversal System which i use for these kind of setup of 3months or more in continues trend is also giving me a reversal entry.

Price Action. current price 95cent over 30% higher than bottom at 70cent .

Bullish Fundamentals causing reversal

a) 7 New full time developers working on the classic project, all on full pay.

b) ETC will announce Cap limit on ETC tonight at the London monitory policy event , supply will be limited in take a leaf of the BTC Book.

c) BTCC one of the biggest BTC exchanges in china confirm at some point they will be listing ETCC, the CEO himself also confirmed they will list ETC on twitter but there is date set right now.

There is many other fundamental factors that have changed in recent times, a good source to check other development is + ETC Reddit.

Trade setup

Accumulate spot 100-130k satoshi

Long entry 0.0015 - 0.0015 scale in a position above previous resistance turned support

Stop - below the recently formed round bottom at 0.001

Take profit - margin positions i will take profits as per levels indicated on the chart.

Spot not selling in upcoming uptrend - Holding longterm mainly due to China being very Bullish on ETC.

Good luck on your trades.

Sorry i have not charted recently, was basically short ETH for months in downtrend & long BTC for weeks so not many crypto related trades out there.
Trade active: We had a good correction due to very Bullish BTC & more importantly there was some profit taking, as at the top it was up 40 % from the bottom.

in the last month BTC had a nice leg up from 730 to over 790.

in that same time classic gained almost 40% in BTC ratio.

that suggest that there is accumulation regardless of what BTC is doing.

I expect the next leg up to started shortly creating support at 15000 level.

Good luck with your trades.
Trade active: Sold at 1040 the margin position when btc got very bullish with big volume. too much risk holding at that point.

looking to get back in at current level once it starts to bounce. 1020 holds for a an hour or two will add to position.

The first Ico they had in china is live, they did over a million ETC in ico, platform is up & running, there is 2 sections the asset exchange on ETC + games running on ETC blockchain.

use google chrome translation tab on top right as the English / Russian versions are not live yet.

sent a few satoshi there to test the the play blocktime Game.

Chinese Etc development updates on

Hope everyone had a good Xmass.

had a few nice btc trades recently, the volatility is great.
Trade active: we have longterm confirmation of reversal now. there is simply not many sellers left.
Heavy accumulation going on last 2 weeks.

Key is not to sell before the news is out, BTCC listing is what i expect with the insiders buying up as much as they can before its announced.

There is a meetup in china in January & February.

one of those would be the possible date for announcement,

take profit positions on chart still valid. will be keeping over 50% of position longterm at no cost.

This trade is had the best risk vs reward right now.

Good luck all
Trade active:

getting more bullish in china, BTCC might now speed things up with other big players taking marketshare.

they been mining ETC for months, 40GH of etc network has been BTCC .
Trade active: ETC made Nasdaq. where all big & small & whale traders go!! fresh money coming in.. give it a few days. China wanted a coin with BTC traits + Smart contracts. they got it. immutable / POW / Decentralized ? limit on supply / smart contracts . beast mode
Comment: there is a hackathon for ETC now, BTCC & EtherCamp partners,DCG sponsoring in shanghai
Trade active: Bitcoin trust under DCG up to 164 million USD. Bloomberg XBTFUND - they just added Ethereum Classic Trust.

Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust - Invest in Bitcoin with Grayscale
Invest bitcoin through a traditional investment vehicle. The Bitcoin Investment Trust’s shares are the first publicly quoted* securities solely invest...

An accredited investor, in the context of a natural person, includes anyone who either earned income that exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year, OR, has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence). this is for ETC criteria.

i added 15% based on that news. they did great things with btc, this is very bullish for ETC, no other crypto apart from BTC had a proper trust, now ETC is in that exclusive club.
Trade active: ETC is getting access to traditional markets & institutions through the new trust, it turned into an investment,
ETC will have bloomberg ticker soon like the BTC trust.

this news has not hit the mainstream yet. it will make its move in February with china meetups.

Anything under 2-3$ is a great HoDl long term. buy hold wait for all the bullish development. 6-10x is achievable in 2017.
Trade active: We have a big Bull Flag on the 4H / 6H , text book structure very bullish.

expecting the big move tomorrow which should be the start of a mega bull cycle.

There is many events in china starting tomorrow.

A new music Dapp on ETC, finally a proper dapp with utility for mainstream use.

Very bullish all round . check out the new links effecting fundamentals & market sentiment.

good luck with your trades, catch the breakout.

thanks for the two people that sent tips recently, appreciated knowing people are following trades.
Trade active: Conversation on ETC with Barry on 26/01/2017
The important highlights regarding the ETC investment trust roadmap & launch.
The trust will go live as soon as MP is announced, they will not be waiting for implementation of Code.

@barrysilbert it would be great to get some Press / News on the investment trust, 99% of crypto traders . investors are clueless what value the trust adds & how big of development it is! would be good to educate the crypto community on the value a trust adds short & longterm

allowing traditional markets & institutional investors the opportunity to invest through regulated markets is amazing, ETC the only second blockchain to offer this to the main markets.

@strawberryeffect as you may know, until the ETC monetary policy is finalized, we're not launching the vehicle. so we are not doing any press or promotion until launch

but after we launch, we look forward to shouting from the mountaintops!

ohh i see that makes perfect sense, why spend resources promoting the platform when you are not sure when it will launch due to monetary policy.

@barrysilbert in the scenario where monetary policy is announced, how long would your team need from that point to launch the product, is that just an idea right now that needs to go through all the stages of development or is it ready to launch but due to monetary policy implications on value its holding the launch back.

we'll be ready to launch immediately after the community forms consensus around the policy. I want to see developers, miners and investors in agreement

we're not waiting for the new code to be in production

do you mind giving me some brief points on how the platform works? its ready to launch so would you be approaching the existing investors in the bitcoin trust first or is a general launch targeting old & potential new investors ?

@strawberryeffect similar to the Bitcoin Investment Trust launch in 2013, the ETC vehicle will be launched as a private vehicle open to qualified (accredited) investors. we intend to again take advantage of our ability to generally solicit pursuant to the JOBS Act, meaning, we can talk very publicly about it
Trade active: Support on daily chart is strong.

structure on daily is bullish,

holding strong, if you are looking to get in , the current 14000 price is a good entry.

a recap of news above.
Trade active: The trust launch is getting closer, Tradeblock announced today the index.

TradeBlock is pleased to announce the launch of the ECX Index, an institutional-quality reference rate for the USD-denominated price of Ethereum Classic.

TradeBlock’s ECX index is designed to provide a robust reference for Ethereum Classic by applying many methodologies similar to TradeBlock’s XBX Index, which has been widely adopted by institutional bitcoin markets.

Regarding price action the traders / speculators that got the bottom are now a 100% up in 2 months.

70 cent bottom to 1.80$ highs, currently almost 1.40$ . great returns in 2 months if you wanted to take profits here, personally this is still very much the bottom. a great longterm hold with upcoming chinese events & launch of the investment trust.
Trade active: Some bullish development on ETC, the Biggest ICO launched to date.

BTC mining ICO launched by Chandler Guo
Target is 12 mill worth of ETC smart contracts.
Date ending is 07/04 for ico, after that the smart contracts will activate, BTC mining dividends start right away.

You can use google Chrome browser. click in the translate button on the top right for the translation of ICO website.

i added 5-10% over last 24 hours before the move happened today. All btc long profits. i expect another leg up over the next 2 days.
Comment: Some more info on the ETC ico.

Chandler Guo to raise 12mln ETC, by running the new bitcoin X pool (100 PT/s);

21mln XBTC tokens will be issued during the forthcoming ICO new project on Ethereum Classic.

"The XPool will signall Bitcoin Unlimited"

Official announcement of the Ethereum Classic largest ICO
One of the largest farm in China, located in Sichuan province, of an output exceeding 50Pt Network Hash, would join the new closed X pool together to make a base for the launch of Ethereum Claassic based ICO. It is planned for 2 months draw 12mln ETS emission 21mln XBTC tokens. After the end of ICO, XPool will begin gradually to purchase and destroy X-BTC tokens, creating shortages and guaranteeing a profit for its investors. Exchange X (X-BTC) will be the largest project and ICO in Ethereum Classic with the unusual attraction of investment in the history of this kind of fundraising (Initial Coin Offerings).

For participation in ICO — registration here:

In a few days the site will be adapted on Russian and English languages.
EXCHANGE X-Everything Valueable Can Be Exchanged
EXCHANGE X,Everything Valueable Can Be Exchanged
Trade active: Hi all. sorry for not updating sooner. this one is a bit late, but better late than never.

Under a week till the big event in china, this is by far the biggest event regarding ETC with some major chinese & international players taking part.

its a 2 day long event with projects being selected & awarded. i was really surprised & the backing of this event. really strong line up.

Chart -

Looking at current 12H - Daily it looks like 118k sat is a double bottom with strong support at current level, i expect the price to grind up slowly now getting closer to the event with a few days to go.

Many expect major announcements, MP from IOHK will be released for ETC & a few are speculating that BTCC will announce ETC listing. i will make another update now with other development that have been missed.

I think at current price in BTC ratio its a very good risk vs reward for good gains with few days till chinese event.

If you are bullish on BTC best to long the USD pair now as those gains will be higher.
Comment: ETC is in accumulation phase currently with the china ETCathon Event less than a week away, there is major accumulation which most traders are not aware of, most people look at volume on polo for accumulation which is the norm for most alts as they get most their volume on polo.

ETC is totally different kind of best, listed on all the big exchanges in the west & many big Exchanges in china so you wont see concentrated volume in one location,
its slow accumulation with low volume on many platforms but when it moves will be very hard & fast with volume, pushing out bottom sellers every time.

Only LTC & ETC have access to so many exchanges around the world that trade BTC hence their volume on main exchange is always less than reality.

I expect most involved with the china event to be accumulating now with some major announcements expected.
if you are not holding from lower down but considering getting in, its a good time to accumulate with a good base as the bigger players will be doing the same.

Some other Developments.

80 page + ETC treasury proposal to insure longterm success of the chain, you will be able to vote for projects to be implemented on ETC. Its worth a read if you are interested in ETC or blockchains in general

ETC Dev live sessions weekly discussing new client development.

ETC getting support from japan

DCG supports china event along with some big chinese groups & exchanges.

interesting article here about ETC roadmap

Our big random supporter of the week here.

ETC weekly youtube event, some insight into roadmap.

Good luck with your trades.

MY other trades currently.

Long BTC 5X - Long MAID from 1110 in spot.
Trade active: Wrong link for ETC treasury / monetary policy

its a 80 page paper, not sure how he got it up on twitter i could not lol
Trade active: Hi all !! hope you are all riding the BTC bulltrend. so easy to trade BTC now no point posting charts for it ! :-)

Major ETC news out which should domino Effect into a Bull Cycle for the rest of 2017. i been accumulating over the last few days as it bottomed out. added to position from early December.

The final ETC monetary policy has now announced, its official, joint statement to western & chinese community.

ETC is now officially having a monetary policy like bitcoin, the hardcap is announced.

This was the news which was delaying the ETC investment trust launch.

The MP announcement should now cause a reversal in trend which will get continuation with volume once the ETC trust is announced shortly.

if you were not already holding from 70-90cent from December now is a good time to take a position if you had been waiting for the opportunity.

i will be holding out for targets shown on the chart.

Good luck all
Comment: its taking off. get in with a good base early.
Trade active: ETC hit reuters right now. should get things going, expecting a few news pieces this week to get the BTC ratio moving, the USD ratio is again a 100% up since we opened this trade if you missed the 1.80$ top first time round.
Trade active: Going very well since last update we made some big gains in both USD & BTC.

The ETC trust is expected to launch before the end of the month creating new demand from traditional markets.

you cant find the ETC trust thesis linked above in a grayscale tweet.

The 12 million bitcion ICO running strictly on ETC in china is well underway, as that gets closer to the last week, demand in china will go up with big pressure on the orderbooks to get in the ICO.

The mainstream news pieces are coming up more regularly, a new one up on bloomberg, expect considerable amount of mainstream coverage as the ETC trust launches.
New "all-time-high" is coming!
be careful. It seems like ETCathon has been postponed into March. Check etc slack for more detail. Thing might get ugly here.
kbl SamHuynh
@SamHuynh, It has been delayed unfortunately for March 24-25-26. see here
What now? Buy more? :)
i think we should wait for Barry Silbert's signal before jumping in ><.
Still good stop to buy?
this might be good trade
Sold at 1040 the margin position when btc got very bullish with big volume. too much risk holding at that point.

looking to get back in at current level once it starts to bounce. 1020 holds for a an hour or two will add to position.

The first Ico they had in china is live, they did over a million ETC in ico, platform is up & running, there is 2 sections the asset exchange on ETC + games running on ETC blockchain.

use google chrome translation tab on top right as the English / Russian versions are not live yet.

sent a few satoshi there to test the the play blocktime Game.

Chinese Etc development updates on

Hope everyone had a good Xmass.

had a few nice btc trades recently, the volatility is great.
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