Bullish reversal is near for ETC

As you can see on the chart, we have bullish divergences of RSI and MACD signaling a reversal and the price found a decent support around here. Having some strong resistance to beat before mooning, it still looks like we have a great entry level here.

If you zoom out to a bigger chart,you can see etc was already in a long term bull trend until the CLO airdrop crashed it.

I've marked heavy and weak resistances based off previous ones, Those are places we might see little corrections, but once we break the neckline on the saucer we may go for ATH in the upcoming weeks/maybe a few months(depending on BTC )

Target 1: 230-240k sats
Target 2: 340k sats
Target 3(Neckline): 375k sats - when this one breaks, we will have much more way to go in only one direction: up!