According with the Ethereum Dominance, it's look strengthen and that put altcoins in bearish in front of Ethereum . For that, in the USD correlated, Ethereum it's xtremely optimistic and so bullish . For that, the Ethereum dominance it's a track that we get information about the dominance and how Etherum will take power o altcoins now!!!

Now, in based in this forecast ,we formed a bullish rising wedge and into this pattern a simetric triangle. But now, I believe that Ethereum will leading to a extremely bull market

This it's the weekly timeframe . and we look that Ethereum could to reach a dominance of 30% very soon.

Ethereum it's make a powerful trend that will shock you

I will check out the Ethereum ratios to know the situation against Cardano , XRP and Bitcoin too. It's very important to look this secret information that investor doesn't know, at least for amateurs.