any and all thoughts welcome here regarding ETH.D chart

What ya all think... Is there a correlation with the eth.d and btc .d _ WEI or eth network traffic_ all tied into the how leveraged or lopsided is the long and short positions. fear n greed indicators when lopsided is the "scene setting" or the narrative to manipulate or trade from ie we need a starting point. so follow me here. markets dropped rite and eth.d put up a bull flag or in btc case last few months btc .d hits 40 .% we might see the markets stabilize_ dump_ whatever =_____but once that btc .d breaks from that 40% we see a btc rally then alts while the money pumps thro etherium network into n out of alts. eth goes sideways up as alts go nuts wei spikes retail piles on and boom that was the run to 39k then 44k now here. That btc pump liquidated or REKT almost 900 billion in over leveraged traders (interesting that glassnode data shoed A LOT of newer wallets.) fear n greed was in full fear. wei was flat like 20wei n some days 10wei (ME n many small fish used this op to get smaller positions out of older pools etc _smart contracts that use lots of gas to get in n out) when the pump started we saw eth network spike harder n faster then ive ever scene b4. 400 like nothing then 600 then retail got in n we went to 700 plus. since then we see sudden wei spikes into the 900s plus then a cool off or steady stream of 100 plus wei traffic (funds taking profits as quite as possible n the spike is the open butt naked pump)

what this ramble is about comes down to 2 things.

BIG MONEY is playing around on uniswap sushiswap 1inch L2 dexs u name it n super deep into defi esp lending etc. that is a fact. whatever there game whatever the theory just keep this in mind. this is a new type of very smart very organized group of killer wales out for blood.

2nd is there is crazy correlation in this market. many many data points. its overwhelming try n tune out the bs the noise and pick patterns that make sense to you n build your style and strategy from there.

there is manipulation but weather shake out or not same place in the end. the race is on the games r just getn started so just be ready to move fast and never be skeeerd to take dem profits.... trade on ya all n be safe-ish out there

PS when in doubt just zoom out... that or just buy da dip ETHHHHHH n then BTC and take a 10 year nap _HGMout YA all love ya humans and all life forms out there that even give a bit of a d@m

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