#ETHUSD ://WHaT a FaK3 OuT... (they know we know, kinda)

well my denial strikes again... maybe maybe if i stretch it we could argue an overall sideways volatile LOL up trend BUT reality is BTC rejected off the 40k... 21 week moving averages... and much more...

the great part about this is that we are seeing true signs of institutional manipulation the horrible part of this is that we are seeing signs of institutional manipulation. (they know we know, kinda _so no clean sideways for us)

_institutional money has never been more keen to get into crypto and ill show u why in the next post later tonight....

_BTC rejects off 40k with overall sideways trend ( M3 n Mine made a mistake _one of the easiest to fall victim to no matter the amount of market experience _STILL, rookie as F#+=K ) basically even if we overall pump choppy as f#$ck to low mid 40ks _{n yes eth will follow}_ or if we sideways all the way down to 32 to 29/28k BTC now reverting to an overall down trend _no matter how u cut it its still a mistake... Basically we built a narrative into the crypto markets that suited what we wanted the markets to do not what they "probably would do" if looked at without objective eyes. ( IE didnt clear all alt positions in time due to other projects 4 m3 n min3 we stuck on) so "needed BTC to drag alts as she hits under belly of 40k range) >BTC on chart perspective got cold rejected off 40k n reverted to a overall down trend on smaller time frames like 1hr n less.


With the current very obvious INSTITUTIONAL MONEY just drooling, can hardly wait, on the side lines combined with current market temperament n u have the perfect sideways btc shake em out kill all the week hands n Institutional money take real positions in top 5 ish crypto projects combined with aggressive pool hunting and farming for APY in deeper ALT market cap projects while shorting to mitigate farming/pool risk. (yes institutional funds r actively trading like this via DEXs etc)

_basically what this ramble is tryn to say is that there r no rules here. No way we get a nice controlled sideways with like 2 test runs down to "known support" with a test of resistance mixed between the 2 test bounces. LOL na eso with this "Wyckoffian deal making the rounds and just general talk of market shake out n fake pumps whatever u call it its market manipulation and it is as old as these markets in their OG form (like 100s of years old old )....

i guess she made it ,,,,<<<<Crypto made it main stream>>> it aint these random white wales making the pump n dump waves anymore. Institutional money is here and playing on UNISWAP SUSHI 1INCH (thus crazy gas fees last few months until they stepped back n r actively shaking market out while looking for aggressive APYs they can also short to reduce volatility )

we get to see some wild up n downs in this "sideways box" with confirmation and tests all over the place to cause more uncertainty (28k 29500 32k n 40k 41700 43k 44-5k-ish.

Just get in where u fight in. Remember> :// the name of the game is taking profits whenever however u can via BTC n stable coins _buying dips on solid HODLs is paramount!!! esp if deep in the metamask woods operating with no stop loss etc u need to buy dips and pick or try to ID sell target zones for profit.

_Institutional funds, despite what the media projects, is very much testing the waters and getting ready to take a major position via their rich family n private money portion of these Funds.

In this 40page _basically survey _ of top institutional views worries etc for crypto market investments only one group/person thought BTC would be under 100k by the end of the year.(the under said around 50k at end of year)

something else that jumped out was the main concern for these fund managers was not volitivity... (funds that have not traded crypto yet still in the top 3 or 4 concerns BUT for funds active in crypto markets volatility dropped to one of least concerns n in some cases, a short term asset)
_The 2 main concerns that came up over n over for these big institutional money monsters was
2. UNCLEAR/UNCEARTAIN REGULATORY GUIDLINES ESP IN US BUT>>>>>>>>not volatility or the number of other "issues" that are brought up in the media.

there r lists of other crazy interesting stuff here _so if deep in crypto_ or n just want that inside track view_ this report is a must read or at least skim. COIN BUREAU made one of his best videos in a long time on this report_ which is what i think his strongest skill set_ dissecting this type of information

or the survey it self

if ur not the study type due to time restrictions or whatever _if u read anything this year this is one of those must reads or at least watch that video

Comment: These funds r getting ready to jump further into to set up their own pools etc or their own DeFi Funds
Hedge fund Giants _ Millennium at 52 billion _ Matrix wit 10 Billion & _ Point72 with 22 billion

they eye ball'n AAVE DOT among others while swapping mostly on UNISWAP 1INCH n SUSHI