if we dont see a confirmed break out with btc n crypto market here is possible re buy zone for eth (sooooo much up side here) basically from 350 billion n down we will re buy n cost average in. if we see a confirmed break out of btc above 50k (at least 48 to 52 sideways confirmation) we will re buy n ride it with caution but i got to say this shake out feels like more n more a possibility so be ready either way ya all to move quick... our money is alt scalps n profits until btc drop for re test n possible brutal shake out below 32 to 28k BTC (i think at this point 32k 30 28k would def kill all hype n shake moat if not all week hands esp in the alt arena n esp esp in the defi areana if they through enough fud about infrastructure bill and Gensler goes after the rite few projects