Alt season ? First take

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More tools you use, greater chance of failure, with failure comes enlightenment and breakthrough to another level. So I put together several tools, published and wait now for time and knowledge to come. Hope this help you too in some way.

As always target on green flag !

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Comment: 1.0 Circle squeezing right now
Comment: Rejected at 0.5 fib, looks like it's not ALT season yet.
Comment: 0.5 fib break out, alt season on it's way
Comment: Over 1.0 Fib
Comment: This is running way weaker than expected, keep in mind this is an experiment.


Trippy awesome!
why is the 7.618 extension the target?
bitcoin aldcann
@aldcann, thanks for asking, I took this extension after some learning with @EuroMotif, it is a little bit adapted as I am looking for it to cross with other fib tools together as part of my journey to fuse all fibs so it cross with the circle fib, time fib and gann fan
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