Ethereum VS Bitcoin 80% PROBABILITY TRADE. GET IN!!

BINANCE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin

I have always traded in the USDT pairs.. Well I have learned many lessons lately and 1 of them is to gain more bitcoin while in a bull run.. Cause' it is the mother of all coins and most value.

Check.. Imagine you have 1 ETH worth of $1000.- and 1 Bitcoin is at the same time $10.000.- then ETH/BTC is 0.1 BTC

Later when the market has gone up your ETH is worth $1500.- and 1 BTC is at that time $20.000.- then ETH/BTC is 0.075BTC.

This means you are up $500.- in USD and 25% down in BTC value. But you have 0.1 BTC against the value of $20.000.-
is $2000.- instead of $1500.- that is $500.- more profit!

Never understood it so educating yourself is gold and my advice is do it..

I am quite new in this game maybe you already knew so that's good and if you don't I hope this makes it clear..

To come back to the chart..

We have seen many double bottoms before and in this short analysis it seems like a ' trustable' pattern.. So what is the probability of prices moving up ?