Types of Divergence

POLONIEX:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
Key patterns to look for when attempting to gain insight into potential future price action.
Comment: Example 1: Bullish Divergence in 6H XRPBTC
Comment: Example 2: Bearish AND Bullish Divergence in 1H XMRBTC
Comment: Example 3: Bearish Divergence in 15M ETHBTC
Comment: Example 3: Bullish Divergence and Hidden Bullish Divergence in 6H BTCUSD
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Second, some small corrections I noticed. First, the picture in the comment above should say Example 4. Next, the real Example 3 with ETHBTC chart should say Bearish Divergence, NOT Bullish.

Having said that, here is Example 5: an update of that exact same ETH chart several hours later. We can see that hidden bullish divergence appeared on a longer timeframe and negated the initial bearish divergence for continuation of the upwards trend. However, bearish divergence has appeared again so it may be time for some profit taking.
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Comment: Example 5: longer term ETHBTC
Comment: above is #6... here is final Example #7: Hidden Bearish DIvergence winning in 6H DASHBTC
Comment: I know I said that the last example was the last... but this one was too pretty to pass up!

Example 8: Hidden Bearish Divergence Bullish Divergence in 24H BCHBTC
Comment: latest analysis using divergence (not a screenshot)
Comment: it doesn't get much prettier than this folks, ZECBTC today, now watch for hidden bullish divergence to judge re-entry

Comment: and then here's the continuation from the chart above


This is amazing!! I have come back to this so many times, to check my work. Really awesome! I can't thank you enough!! <3
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A great tutorial.

When you draw the line for the price, do you draw from a wick to a wick or only body of of candles?

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@MB_Trading, whatever makes more sense for you... some people like to hit the candle bodies to see the wicks showing resistance/support whereas others like to see total price movement. it's mostly a personal choice, often I like to see both at the same time.
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Masterpiece explanation. Simple and clear.
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Very informative. Thanks.
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one of the best explanations i've seen, and the examples are spot on. thank you so much!
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