ETHBTC plz gib altszn (ma familia)

COINBASE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
One of these two trend lines is getting broken. I lean towards it being to the upside... hence having bought more ETH at ~$500 and also packing my altcoin bags.

Weekly candle currently looking indecisive, would be nice to see this push upwards a little before end of the day. IMO we need to watch the weekly close showing buyers overpowering sellers (green hammer pls ) and the lower trend line to be respected.

Seems like an area of maximum opportunity for ETH & Alts to me, but ready to be wrong and to flip my more short term bags to USDT / BTC / ETH (whatever your flavour)
Comment: broke below the bottom trendline... although signs that a reversal could be in (ETHBTC bull div chart shared on my page)
Comment: lol broke down, broke up.

confluence with BTC dom looking topped out makes me lean towards ETH rally against BTC plus alt szn vibes