ETHBTC Heading to 2017 Altcoin Season Highs

BINANCE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
Pretty simple chart, 3 TP levels placed at swing highs created from the previous altcoin season in 2017 - early 2018.

Bottom is 0.016296 and was created on Sept. 6th , 2019. This was also the same date that the BTC .D ratio topped out at 72.04% and has been falling ever since.

Since that day, the ETH/BTC ratio has been slowly gaining in sat value, although it did take 485 days to break out of the 0.026746 resistance level which is now turned support. From here, ETH was quick to shoot up to the 0.038 TP level as well as gain this green trend line (formed 3 years ago form the 2017 high) as support.

This is obviously in a bullish momentum and here are my price targets moving forward:

TP1 🎯 0.053672
TP2 🎯 0.084004
TP3 🎯 0.105244

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