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Just trading idea
Comment: Break support line after touch it and dont break
Comment: Waiting for fall
Trade closed: target reached: TP1
Trade active
Trade active
Comment: TP2
Trade closed: target reached
Comment: Near last target
Trade closed: target reached: TARGET REACHED

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TP2 Here we come, Trade Active for myself
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Thank you! Do you expect the BTC to fall if the ETH falls?
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Called like a champion!!!
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Again, thank you for your ideas Excavo.
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@EXCAVO Hi, just curious. I'm also working with Fibs, harmonic trading and RSI levels and after failing to catch the bottom using 4h setups I moved out to 6hr, 12hr, 1D and 3D setups and I was able to catch the current run up from 0.093 all the way up to last night's 0.1262 then I switched short exactly at 0.1262 and now it's moving nicely to the next reversal at 0.1096 where I'll switch to long all the way up to 0.1428 extension. I'm just wondering if you could take a look from far out using 12hr or 1d setup and see what you think. I'm absolutely not seeing a continued downtrend to 0.086. Thanks!
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scottialex scottialex
@EXCAVO looking at the RSI 1D it's moving out strong from oversold
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Thank you for your charts, can you relate this to ETHUSD charts as well?
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Can you Check for XBCBTC, if BTC and ETH Falls? Will it rise like last time?? Would you advise to invest in XBC as hedging against the fall??
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head and shoulders played out perfect