Correction is inevitable

KRAKEN:ETHEUR   Ethereum / Euro
In the lights of transaction capacity max´d out once again, only rather vague solutions somewhere on a far distant horizon, and transaction fees skyrocketing as a consequence, Ethereum is massively overvalued - or better put overhyped - to say the very least.

Hence, there is a very real chance that we gonna see a proper correction up to 70% from its top within the coming 6 weeks.

Also a perfect opp to hedge the other long positions.

Enjoy & All the Best!

Comment: One may wonder if it gonna drag the rest of the market down as well.

Good point, and certainly fair enough argument to make.

However, the issues here are Ethereum specific and not a general problem of the still very bullish cryptocurrency space overall.

So, I very much tend towards answering this question with NO, it won´t.

Just wanted to add this real quick.