Crypto Bubble Burst Scenario

KRAKEN:ETHEUR   Ethereum / Euro
Hi, i believe Cryptocurrency is overrated in its current state, every sh1tcoin has Multimillion/Billion market caps and that makes me believe that we are in a bubble which sooner or later will not end well.
Question for me is only when does the market realizes that not every shitty coin is worth millions. (This realisation will likely take good alts down too)
I see alot of similarities with the Dot Com Bubble. Only difference its not about .com url but "blockchain". "Startups" in the blockchain Industry get insane Marketcaps without having delivered a Bulletproof project with real use cases.

When bubble bursted ill try to pick up the "amazon"´s in the crypto space which really have a Future.

Longterm im bullish on Decentralized Stuff but its just not the time yet.

To be clear i dont know when this will happen, its hard to time the market. The chart above is just a Scenario of many.

As long 30k range holds im shortterm bullish and think this bullrun could go on, doesnt change my mind about crypto being a "bubble", atleast in its current state.

Trade safe and DYOR
Have a nice Day =)