Are Whole Numbers Legit?

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When you are able to observe the patterns that occur at whole numbers (in this case 3k) your trading will gain structure and stability so let me show you how I do it.

"Consequently, these prices act as a psychological line which work well as support and resistance ." - DailyFX

It's not your fault when you have taken big losses in the past, you simply may not have had knowledge of how to trade around whole numbers.

Often times you get fake guru's or courses that teach basic material you can find online. It can be easy to be tricked by these losers, but not any more.

It is times like this that whole numbers matter. Soon when this bear market is over and we go bull you will experience a different type of price action around these whole numbers.

Trust me I I've spent many years in your shoes trying to figure out certain strategies, some I have mastered and some I can still learn more. This one, I'm pretty content with.

How does it work? Well, when you smash into one of these whole numbers you will see certain patterns form such as triangles/ wedges /channels and often times price will depart very strongly from these whole numbers.

Again the trading environment at the time will decide what direction the breakout will occur.

It has been proven that large institutions and governements place there trades at whole numbers!

If you want to truly understand these levels to my level then it is only available through this mechanism.

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