ETH pushing to it's final target $6k

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
A 3 big move trade play on Ethereum spanning to Monday. Obviously I will short the final $6k target but that is for another post.

Trade 1: Long @ $4051 with a same day target at $4721.

Trade 2: Short @ $4721 with a target $3900.

Trade 3: Long @ $3900 to final target $6011.

Trade active: Long $4051
Comment: Added more to the long @ $4068 on this fake bear flag.
Comment: Coming a huge green one, FOMO buyers about to enter.
Comment: FOMO buyers will push ETH to $4.7k, from there down to $3900 or more for a brief moment to fill the Trade 3 buy limit.
Comment: Ready to 🚀
Comment: How do you create confidence in the markets? You lure the participant with an imaginary $4013 support!

I will add more ETH with a buy limit @ $4019.
Comment: Filled, I will not do the trade plan. This is the setup I will do long sub $40xx closing on Monday when ETH hits the $6011 target.
Trade active
Comment: Target expected on Wednesday-Thursday.
Comment: Look at that, no strength for upside move. Crashing to $2240 today.
Trade closed manually: Long closed with 213 pips profit. Will not short this since there will be a lot of short term volatility, option play will outperform short profit.

Next stop after $2240 will be the $968.