COINBASE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Some notes about ETH right now:

Low volume profile for ETH until around 3750. This means it could be an easy ride with minimal resistance.

The current level is the 786 from a more macro perspective, so the combination of 618 local, and 786 macro would prove to be a tricky resistance, but if we can get over it, it will hopefully serve as a solid support for the upcoming few days or week. With the fibs as support, and the lack of resistance until 3700, I wouldn't be surprised to see prices fluctuate within this range for a bit until BTC starts to continue its move up. A larger bullish move could see more resistance at 3900 and 4400.

TLDR: I think we will oscillate between 3450-3750 if we move sideways. If we try and make a run, we will experience resitance at 3900 and 4400.