Bearish Three-Line Strike Candle Pattern: Bullish reversal

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Source & Credit: thepatternsite "My testing of the bearish three-line strike candlestick pattern shows that it acts as a bullish reversal 84% of the time instead of the bearish continuation that candle theory suggests. Unfortunately, with a frequency rank of 94, it will be difficult to find. The overall performance rank is 1, the best out of 103 candle patterns. The 8.81% average drop in a bull market is well above the 6% that I consider good. That performance also ranks first, but price only meets the target 80% of the time. The price target is the height of the candle projected upward or downward from the top or bottom of the candle pattern, respectively. Tall candle patterns have a more difficult time meeting targets than do short patterns."

So, wait to break and close above 2,040 and a possible target of 2,340.

Take care.
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