Could Ethereum bring back the Crypto Markets?

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As usual I have no crystal ball.

Overnight and into this morning, I've been watching the order-book action on Coinbase. What was striking was the amount of volume being exchanged on Ethereum compared to BTC .

In essence BTC volume appeared to be quieter than Ethereum . I'm talking about he 'buckets' of trades - not the actual amounts of money. See my 44 second clip of this morning (linked not sure it will show).

It sort of makes sense cuz Ethereum is far cheaper than BTC if you wanna get throw your money in now. Price is near the bottom and that's attractive for your neighbour next door.

One thing has been proven in all markets is that when all hope is gone, that's often a time when it's best to buy (go long) - at your own risk of course.

I'm long on BTC and ETHUSD with acceptable stop-losses on the 1h time frame. This is not an invitation for others to follow.

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