Hard fork London! What will happen to Ethereum? 😲😲

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Today is an important event in the entire cryptocurrency industry. Probably one of the most significant of the year. Ethereum's hard fork - London. I'm sure a lot of people were buying before the event, a lot of people were writing about it. I warned yesterday that it might fall, don't rush to buy. Together with my team, we investigated all previous hard forks. And you can see the results on the chart above. Now the price has already corrected by 6% after the opening of the new day, which is not a little. The price might go lower because the average correction after hard forks was about 10-20%.

Write in the comments all your questions and instruments analysis of which you want to see.

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P.S. I personally will open entry if the price will show it according to my strategy.
Always make your analysis before a trade

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