ETHUSD to RANGE before moving higher towards +$3,100

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
price bounced from strong support around $2,000, and after a strong fall I expect the price to range/consolidate before moving higher, wait for price to form a consolidation then buy/sell depending on the breakout,
Don't Buy or Sell amidst chaos...

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That downward consolidation is not bullish and usually breaks into the downside fyi
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Great Analysis Buddy !
@KlejdiCuni are you kidding??!!?
There’s literally NOTHING in terms of additional indicators to support the prediction. It’s a wild guess at best (could be true though! Fun part).
Unless you have THREE indicators supporting the case, any prediction. Is utter bullsh1t.
OP needs to step up his game.
Currently, all indicators are diverging: nobody knows. Any trader coming with a certainty needs to be ignored FOREVER.
Best move is to either wait, or if you pick a side (bull/bear) to stagger your positions.
TradingView is the best and the worst… pick your profiles and do not follow oracles.
A good trader ALWAYS think in terms of probabilities.
KlejdiCuni ThisIsOverSoon
@ThisIsOverSoon, I do not understand why you are so angry in your writing. Keep calm bro. If you do not like this analysis is up to you. To begin with, not all professional traders use at least three indicators. Maybe this is your rule as in trading anything is possible. Secondly, the chart above is well drawn in my opinion and it is not a big problem for me to find an entry and an exit point where the idea would be called invalid. Third, @Stargazer_fx he set the correction model you should expect to join this trade. So there you have all the options listed on top of each other. If you want to use indicators, it's okay again. The problem with trading is that everyone can be right in according to their personal opinion. The most important thing to me is how you see the market at a specific moment.
Great analysis just like always my dear mate
Thanks for sharing your premium stuffs for free !

Good luck on your way...
Totally agree 💯 thank you for sharing this with us 🙌
great job totally agree about it thanks for sharing
I'm rather new and unexperienced compared to a lot of people who have knowledge in the field but I didn't sell anything during this last drop and it was hard but I did it and I even increased my positions on the dip! I believe I'm on my way to the promised land!😂?