Ethereum, Made The Breakout As Prospected, These Are Next Steps!

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Hello Traders Investors And Community,

Ethereum managed to finally confirm the more likely bullish breakout, it almost perfectly established the whole wave-count and completed it till the final breakout emerged as suggested this was the scenario to expect here, if you did not seen this analysis already I highly recommend it to watch to have a full-depth-overview, now as this breakout has shown up there are some other important factors and upcoming developments we should consider within the structure, therefore I detected all the important levels and likely outcomes meaningful the next times.

When looking at my chart you can watch there that Ethereum now trades within the Bullish-Confirmational-Continuation-Zone marked in green where it tested the dashed trendline in grey and firstly formed a pullback from there, the next times we can expect this correction to move on and finally confirm the layers of support before a continuation to the upside can completely fulfill, this will likely happen when Ethereum bounces within the dynamic-confirmation-cluster marked in blue in my chart, when such price-action finally established Ethereum is likely to move on further till the minimum targets marked in my chart in blue where the projected price targets lying, when Ethereum reaches this level it has to be elevated what happens after it and if there can come a bullish continuation or firstly a reversal showing up lower levels which won't be unlikely.

The next times when Ethereum moves on with the correction and bounces within the cluster as suggested there can just show up some very good potentials further ahead, as Ethereum already moved on with this bullish volatile pace this can just strengthen when Ethereum shows up with the proper price-action, for now, we should elevate how this whole structure is developing here and what Ethereum shows after it reached the targets, it will be definitely an interesting journey ahead.

In this manner, thank you, everybody, for watching, have a good day as well as good trading, all the best!
“Trading effectively is about assessing possibilities, not certainties.”

Information provided is only educational and should not be used to take action in the market.
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you defining the path for eth. how does one go about learning this if I may ask. I am studying from babypips , but it will never teach me this kind of stuff.
looks like you're on a roll with these charts! ;)
WOW, you LITERALLY drew the future! Impressive work, and insanely accurate TA!
Check Daily chart pls, and count waves. On my setup, this starts to look bearish at the moment. This last leg at $478 could be top of an 5th wave...if this so, corection could drive the price down to fib 0.50 = $397, or fib 0.618= $378.
Such nice work here!
Nailed it! Let's see 500 baby!
New consolidation range 🐻‍❄️🙏😊😃
Very accurate on your take for eth. thanks!
@MATURBO, Thanks a lot, Ethereum now completes the way of correction as expected, now its important to establish further.
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