BINANCE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Ethereum Power Trades for today......
wait for it..............
Recommendation: from yesterday;
Buy at / above: 244.14 Targets: 247.94 --- 251.89 --- 255.87 --- 259.89
Stoploss : 240.25
Sell at / below: 240.25 Targets: 236.51 --- 232.68 --- 228.88 --- 225.11
Stoploss : 244.14

and for Today
Buy at / above: 248.06 Targets: 251.89 --- 255.87 --- 259.89 --- 263.93
Stoploss : 244.14
Sell at / below: 244.14 Targets: 240.37 --- 236.51 --- 232.68 --- 228.88
Stoploss : 248.06

Up above 250 & 252 some offers on stops there so thats why TP 1 is at 251.89 to be on the safe side, which leaves room for your slippage/dodgy broker manufacturings.
I will set my offer today on the EU at :: 1.1420
and for ETHUSD at 264
just above 252 more offers intraday then a really big level to watch out for is 255.62 : I believe its also some sort of pivot level.
If 250 can break larger funds will may come to the party
Lookout for a Big players with real money at 268.14 now. You'll probably find its like a 61.8 of something, ah its around the 78.6 but the charts starting to look a little messy now.

ok 'Got to go, that cheesecake aint going to eat itself. Oh almost forgot the price of
296.70 is Very important Sell price, but thats for next week. Last month we almost made it there and some plonker came along and dumped Ether for Bitcoin probably. If you were a lucky you would have gone on a buying frenzy at the lower Downside Target 4 zone. If you missed it buy at 240 today, that should do it.
If we could get goldmansox in on this at 240 for tomorrow (hint) yes we know they have a crypto fund manipulation desk, we're on to you lot. Remember the 240 level...go big or go home.

Thats all for now.
Trade active: ETHUSD longs meeting resistance along the Median Line & Gann 2/1

240 level is still active and a good place to buy still going, price has reached the first target zone now.