ETH Can Go $500-700$ Be Careful!!!

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
Hello guys again i'm gonna analysis ETH/USDT pair
1)First we can see we have strong diagonal support level and now its broken and we lose trend momentum,yesterday price trying to retest previous support level but failed now previous support level turned resistance.
2)We can see we have Symmetrical Triangle and if we calc with Elliott Wave ABCDE,all waves is completed now, we already know final exit wave is E wave, this mean we have successful formed Symmetrical Triangle, and price breakdown to the down side and downtrend movement now confirmed.
3)If we measure Symmetrical Triangle we can expect price can go down to $1500.
4)We have some support around at $1500, if price can hold or do some consolidation area at this zone we can bounce, but if price can't hold $1500 level, we can see another big correction to down side, its can be previous ETH Accumulation zone at this range $500-$700, but we need to wait to see price can hold $1500 and then think next move.But ETH First target is $1500, then if we can't hold $1500 level,we know simple thing price love to move previous Accumulation zone at this time previous Accumulation zone is $500-$700 area.
Guys Be careful i'm in crypto 3+years already and know alot of things, if you agree hit the like button.
Comment: This is a second update now also ETH $1500 target is confirmed with volume