BTC vs ETH Up side _short term = ETH

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
this is a look at the btc n eth monthly charts on binance. if we see a break to the upside or less overall downside (unless black swan ie eth specially targeted_ but without defined token omics and in "their opinion" vitalik a kid driving the bus defi esp lending n b'ing seems to b the more immediate and experimental targets_just the first sprinkle from big funds ya all... they got budgets still n move there ms n bs around just like all of us _huge clue is watching wei or eth network fees or traffic. only A LOT of money IE NOT RETAIL n make wei jump like that) we believe funds will bag hold defi esp lending n borrowing platforms _really any "blue chip" crypto defi project. IF NOT N REAL break to upside ETH is the current gateway the fiat on n off ramp for any project worth its salt etherum tokens r somewhere along the way used. I will scalp all day long but me n mine r taken profits fast this time around n look for a re buy soon (BUT IN THE END WE BELIEVE LIKE EVERYONE its going to the same place at the end of the day, years, whatever... n that's up)

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dex’s we use:
1inch snx uniswap
zks is our L2 but there r several n more every day from
matic_sidechains to different blockchains like BSC to true snarks n roll ups ie still on eth network n a bit easier to keep safe n scale all at once like ZKS LOOPRING ZKSNARKS cool orgin story for zks there just go look n play
fantom/ YFI aave mkr aave comp lend defi in general u cant miss just DYOR n get out there
Voyager vgx CRO long term same with CHSB
Bch e cash looks cool
Thore chain n rune token inj serum dex n L2 in general gonna be the hype word soon
Ada occ launch pad n more