RLinda ! ETHUSD-> Resistance retest. What next?

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ETHUSD is sandwiched between the 1220-1171 zones. Loyal breakdowns on both sides and a return of the price to the retest of resistance. The key level for the price is 1220, further direction of movement depends on it

We see the formation of downward resistance from the peak of the first correction in early November. The price has been testing this area many times, fixing and pointing us to the resistance. After another retest of the 1073 low, Ethereum is strengthening by almost 15% and is almost sticking to this zone.

To sell (priority):
Price could test downside resistance. 1208-1215 zone. If price returns under these levels, expect a pullback towards 1171, 1136

For buying. Key level is 1220.
The price should break through the level upwards and consolidate. The subsequent growth from the level of 1220 upwards may provoke the increase in volume and the formation of an upward impulse towards 1250, 1289 up to the global resistance of November 2021.

Regards R. Linda!


Everything is fine. The price breaks through the resistance and forms an awesome momentum towards 1289. The momentum is almost 6.62%



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