ETH/USD Double Bottom. 1w. Past +65% +22% +70% + 22% +33%

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
ETH/USD Please note that the timeframe on the chart is 1 week.
This idea makes it clear what is happening globally on the chart on a large timeframe. Suitable for those who trade positionally.
It is also important to look at things from a broader perspective, for those who already take a position, so that there are no unnecessary actions ahead of time. Sometimes it's all about the little things.

We are currently witnessing a secondary uptrend developing. The downtrend line is broken. The double bottom is formed with a base of 240%. Now we are working on its target, as the price has broken through the resistance of its top.

You also need to understand that all these goals are conditional. Like everything in trade. Trading is a game of probabilities. Pay attention to the little things. Trade with the trend. If the reversal is confirmed, exit or go short. I have shown how to do this on the same ETH coin in learning / trading ideas. Which gave a pretty decent profit. I will attach the trading idea below.
Always remember that a trend can suddenly reverse at any moment, especially when the belief in its infinity turns into a phobia of insanity for the majority.

Past trading ideas for this trading pair.
The first trading idea for this pair in this trend. When a symmetrical triangle was formed, which clarified the further development of the price movement.

ETH / USD triangle. The price goes down. Soon the denouement. Published on March 31st. 31322
Price tracking in updates. Roughly speaking, this triangle was the birth of this trend. It is correct to say the clarity of further movement. Note that the price was already far from the lows. But the entry point was optimal.
In updates to the trading idea, whenever possible, I accompanied the price.

The latest trading idea. Published May 3, 3522

TRAINING / Trade. Holding a position in the ETH / USD trend. Past trading idea + 70%

The result of work is positional in this trend at the moment.

+ 65% + 22% + 70% + 22% + 33% (an upward trend is developing).
Who does not understand. The real profit is from these values, subtract 20-30% from 100% of the price movement.

You can also work on this trading instrument with its liquidity positionally using the pyramid method.
I have shown how to do this using LTC/USD as an example. We have been working with the trend for a long. When a trend reversal is confirmed, work in short. No highs, no lows. Work in an area of liquidity and with complete clarity of what is happening.

EDUCATION Pyramiding How to earn 52000 with a risk of 5% from 10000 1part

EDUCATION Pyramiding money management. 2 part. Short LTC/USD

I also have an idea for teaching / working pyramiding work on pump alts, where I showed online on MATIC during pumping and margin jokes of the exchange. I will add that on not highly liquid crypto currencies, this is a profitable business (if it works correctly), but highly nervous, as due to low liquidity, Stop Loss is knocked out. But if you get your hands on it and understand what's what, you can work.

Characters who "urgently need a lot of money from kopecks", "I know for sure", "x10 leverage" + "I work with all the deposit" and the like, you shouldn't even try to trade - you are doomed, as in any trade. Put your money aside, put things in order in your head and desires, and only then start trading.

TRAINING / work Online pyramiding on a pump coin. Matic.

Almost reached 4 target.
+ 350% from the first entry point
+ 220% of the breakout point
Comment: We see a breakdown of the resistance of the Double Bottom formation on the 1-week timeframe, at the moment there is a rollback to the mirror level. What is the reaction to the price of this price level, such a trend will subsequently develop in the future. On a 1 week timeframe, the price is still in an uptrend.
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excellent technical write-up and chart. well done.
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