Ethereum HS Formation - Targets 1700 - 1600 - 1300

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Ethereum HS Formation - Targets 1700 - 1600 - 1300

Dear friends

Ethereum has completed a head shoulder formation and we see as first targets 1700 - 1600 and 1300.
The neckline of this HS formation has already been broken and Ethereum moves downwards in the trendchannel. Traders have become extremely cautious after all the liquidations of accounts during violent declines and that make the chance for a rise smaller and smaller.

Normally the price returns to the neckline after a first decline. The question is now, does it stop after the first target is reached. If ETH goes lower than that an important key level is broken and we will probably see lower targets soon.

Please share your thoughts and idea's below dear friends. What do you think and why do you think it with or without a chart.

I wish you all good luck with trading guys!

Disclaimer: this is my view, no advice to buy or sell. Also always do your own research!

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Comment: Good day my dear friends!

I expect a re-test of the neckine now and then a further decline. Take care for the bul traps. For the moment there is no bullish scenario, not in Bitcoin and not in Ethereum. Of course this can change but then certain levels need to be broken.
For example the right shoulder of the HS in Ethereum but a break trough the neckline with high volume is also a signal.
Succes and happy trading!
Comment: Retest neckline
Good afternoon dear friends,

Here a little uodate so you can follow the price via the chart.
Ethereum has broken through the neckline of the head and shoulders formation and is now retesting it. Short positions around the neckline with a stop at the 2203 which is the high of the right shoulder is what I personally should do.

Also note the volume again as we sere it also in Bitcoin and other alt coins. Rising volume with falling price and vice versa. Extreme bearish behavior.
Trend only change when we set a higher high and a higher low.

See also the Bitcoin posts because if Bitcoin goes down, the rest will follow!
Trade active: Ethereum is on the way to the target:

Comment: A new update
A new update. We are almost at the projected target but if Ethereum break out of the falling wedge, the target will be on a small pause.

Succes dear friends!

Trade closed: target reached: Dear friends,

This trade is closed because the profittarget was reached/
Total profit 17.48%

Price will now likely retest the strong resistance first,

If there is a new trade I will post it as a new idea.

Thanks dear friends!


Ether2020 Helical_Trades
@Helical_Trades, Thanks Bro!
Sl should be between 2110 ?
Ether2020 Jamesmoriaty
@Jamesmoriaty, That is personal tradingstyle. Normally 2185.
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Finally. Notice this also few hours ago.
Ether2020 Me26gs72
@Me26gs72, Top my dear friend!
hi bro

Have you ever thought that this is the way to go up

What I saw at 12h was the beginning of reaching $3100

Thank you for sharing
Ether2020 xibuNandi
@xibuNandi, Thanks mate for your comment but I didn't understand what you mean exactly. Can you further explain it?
xibuNandi Ether2020
@Ether2020, Look at my point of view

If there's anything wrong

I hope it can be corrected

Thank you for your support
Ether2020 xibuNandi
@xibuNandi, Ah now I understand it. I looked at your chart but you must do the following. Draw a line form 15 June top to 26 June bottom. That is the flag pole. The channel you drew is in fact a big bearflag. It happens after a decline and a upward channel is forming. Also I am missing more lines from support and resistance in your chart. A trendchannel on its own say nothing because you need to see it in the whole picture. First zoom out, what you see, then zoom in. Hope it helps you mate!