Some simple DCA idea. Maybe a bit better than the average one ?

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Hello, everyone. This is my first idea, so please pardon me if anything goes wrong.

With the bear knocking at the door a while ago, it seems that everything goes down. So maybe we should embrace the investor side ... The boring but rewarding path.

On bear markets, everyone accumulates. The DCA it seems a viable option, as they say : "Time in the market beats timing the market".
We could DCA by volume profile , Fibonacci retracements, or several other techniques. But why going so "complex" when we can make everything simple ?

On Crypto, it's tested that we will see at least 6 consecutive "30% drops" after the latest "30% drop", if not even more.

Influenced on this idea by our regretted mathematician, Mr. Fibo ... And applying it to the charts, I just have a new indicator with an embedded strategy inside.

In order to do everything right, I am asking the community to give me feedback. And if there is a real demand for my creation, I will respond accordingly :)

The questions will be :
1. Do you think this strategy will bring you profits ? If so, do you want to try my indicator for easier backtesting ?
2. How useful do you think it will be a trading automation website, to be launched in 2023 ? Dedicated to Risk/Reward ratio trades, but also containing this idea ?

I am humbly awaiting your response, so ... Let's help each other !

Best regards,
Update : I will leave the TradingView website, because it seems I am not allowed to upload any new script,because i violate the "house rules".

I will not delete the account, you can PM me anytime. But please note that I will not be active anymore on the platform.

Sorry for this inconvenience, the website will be up in 2023,as promised !

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