Guide: How to post awesome ideas and get lots of likes

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General guidelines:

To publish awesome ideas and get lots of likes, the first step is for your publications to be visible to the public. This means you need to make sure that your ideas do not get “hidden” or “unsuggested” for violations of the house rules.

What does hiding an idea mean and what could be the reasons ?

TradingView moderators will hide ideas that violate the house rules, the most common cases are where authors provide links or references to their social media or websites, aiming at self-promotion.
A hidden idea is no longer visible to the public, only to you and to TradingView moderators. Since the idea descriptions cannot be changed either by you or by the TradingView team, these ideas cannot be made visible again, which is a shame for the time you took to analyze and publish it, right? Please read the House Rules carefully to avoid this from happening.

Why can your idea be unsuggested?

TradingView aims at showing ideas that offer a good analysis on the chart and a good description. To achieve that, we “unsuggest” ideas that:
  • Have a title or description in ALL CAPITALS
  • Have very little or no analysis on the chart
  • Lack description
  • Are published in another language than the site it is published on
An “unsuggested” idea will not appear on the homepage or in popular ideas streams, which limits its exposure.
It will only be visible in newest idea streams, to users that visit your profile or who have the direct link to your publication.

Let’s go over some examples of what makes a good idea publication. To make it more clear, we’ll also provide an idea that is not the best example for this category.
Click any of the ideas to show more detail.

All Analyses

► Balance: clear, no clutter, professional, not too overwhelming.
Good: Needs improvement:
Technical Analysis
► Include drawings that explain the idea. At least two analysis tools or two reasons, e.g., a support level and candlestick pattern, or a trend line and an indicator, etc. Use enough, but not too much!
Good: Needs improvement:
Trading Idea
► Include a specified bias on the idea and disclose if you are long or short. Make sure you let people know where the exit or entry point is on the trade and mention how long the trade could last.
Good: Needs improvement:
Fundamental Analysis & Market Commentary
► Provide the general trend and approximate price path based on sound reasoning.
Educational posts
► Detailed explanation of the method for technical, fundamental or macro analysis.
Inter-Market analysis
► This includes Overlay or Ratio analysis. Call for a directional move with adequate explanation.
Text Analysis
► Has to be useful and informative to the community. For example, educational material, a column or a personal experience.
Good: Needs improvement:
More specific suggestions for specific Technical Analysis types

Harmonic patterns
► Price must have at least passed the B-point on its way from C to D. Or there must be other technical tools supporting the view. Use the TradingView built-in tools to show Fibonacci ratios. Useful link:
Good: Needs improvement:
Double tops
► Patterns that didn’t complete the second top and are heading to neckline shouldn’t qualify as a double top . Also true for double bottoms.
Needs improvement:
Head and Shoulders
► Patterns that didn’t complete the right shoulder and are headed towards the neckline don't qualify. Also true for Inverse head and shoulders .
Needs improvement:

Indicator-only analysis
Needs improvement:

Elliott Wave
► Should align to the rules that can be found on This is the most common and widely used source.
Good - clear and with an actionable trade setup:
Needs Improvement - cluttered:

Following these guidelines not only will produce better, more actionable ideas for the TradingView audience, it also increases the chance of your idea to be selected for our Editors' Picks.
We hope this guide was useful for you, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The post should be very helpful for a wide range of authors! Good job!

I hope, one day the TradingView team will find a solution how to clean the platform from cheaters and scammers, who use fake likes and fake views for their posts!
+23 Reply
HamadaMark DLavrov
Agree 100%@DLavrov,
+4 Reply
DLavrov HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, thanks!
+1 Reply
@DLavrov yes I agree 100%,I have seen some authors post getting fake likes(getting too much likes in no time), and them using all the available indicators to make them look professional,but they are not,they just scam peoples.
+3 Reply
DLavrov Stargazer_fx
@Stargazer_fx, Agree!
@DLavrov, Sadly this is a major problem across all platforms not just Tradingview!
DLavrov Worth_The_Ri5k
@Worth_The_Ri5k, yes, but if we do nothing, there will be "gurus" in the top all the time. The quality content won't be able to reach the top of the rating.
@DLavrov, @TradingView I couldn't agree more.
The popularity index should not be based on the number of views and likes since the beginning of the account creation. This only amplifies the guru effects of people who don't always offer quality content.
Similarly for Scripts, by promoting the visibility of open-source content it reduces the visibility of members who offer protected content while they have to pay a premium subscription to do so.
beastedz DLavrov
The good thing about tradingview is that it is easy to go back and look at someone's history. It only takes a couple minutes of work to see if their TA holds any weight.
DLavrov beastedz
@beastedz, you can see the quality of posts, if you have enough knowledge and experience. Win rate means nothing. The logic and the proper trading approach must be the priority. But what about newbie traders? They can be cheated by beautiful charts showing what they want to see.
+2 Reply