If you are new to trading you probably won't be a big winner.

FX:EURCHF   Euro / Swiss Franc
Now that's something I would have hated to hear when I started (or loved?).

But looking at all these FX brokers with leverages of several hundreds, their stock CFD fees are higher than a regular stock brokers if you trade more than baby amounts... Why would someone trade with them if he's trading more than lunch money?
So this is what tips it for me. The stories the leverage the way they are designed the minimum deposits of nothing AND the fact that it only makes sense to trade there with accounts that are very small ===> All points out to noob traders that get started put 1500 in, lose it, quit.
Wait that is how I started on Bitcoin . I deposited 1500. I bought a dip, and the 8 hours that followed while I was sleeping were THE WORSE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF BITCOIN . I can claim being the most unlucky beginner trader in the history of crypto ;)
Except I knew it was bad luck AND that I need louder alerts that wake me up AND Kraken were trash because they did not have stop loss and most importantly I DID NOT QUIT.

My very first trade (my first crypto buy was NEO a few weeks earlier but let's call it an investment as I held for several weeks)

If alot of people did not lose and quit they would try to be more enticing to bigger accounts logically?
All they do is spam ads and paid reviews, do casual events, get associated to soccer, whore themselves and talk about big GAINZ quickly.
Always looking for new small fish to lose their money as they get slaughtered over and over.

FX is a zero sum game and there has to be alot of plankton getting eaten by whales.
Crypto is a NEGATIVE sum game (lol) so ... you know. The plankton there is usually thicker as genius people put way more than a gran or two in. "My whole life savings"
Stocks is NOT a zero sum game, yet it truly looks like these brokers are built around losers (not blaming them btw, they are not responsible for their clients being bad).

The stats on all this are vague or non existant... I saw that 50% americans owned stocks, but very little traded...
So of those that trade, most lose? I don't believe it can be as much as 95% losers, but maybe it is.

I do not think most new traders blow up their accounts, but could be totally wrong.
My personal opinion is if most lose, they just lose a bit then get bored and do nothing, their account stays dormant, and that's all.
Like people and their gym memberships... Or they lose and then turn their losses into investment things like that, quit trading "not for me" and invest which is what most people do.

For new traders this blows, you don't even know what are your chances.
But seriously it is not very hard. It is really so easy... I have no idea how people lose... But they do... So good luck :D

Read the story of teachers policeman etc who have no idea how to trade and went long on EURCHF (which was one of the worse trade possible I would not even consider posting that as a troll trade setup on /biz yet some people thought it was a good idea to go long *100 leverage).

Is this actually real? Rofl. Nah must be a prank check the date. 1rst May... Hmmm is this from somewhere with date delta like there is hours delta, and 1rst May is actually 1rst April?
If a friend did this he'd get a new name from me: piss-for-brains.

TAKE AWAY WORDS: forget about get rich quick. Won't happen. If that is what you are after, lottery tickets are cheap and easy to get.
If you don't like thinking, or maths, or charts, you're probably not cut for this.

* I feel like a super predator winner. Every one loses and I don't, I am the one taking their money XD Grrrroar!
Or as the T-rex would say
Comment: The chart was supposed to look like this...

Comment: EU regulators are following the USA steps and adding little wheels on their beloved average Joe wheelchair.

Once Joe breaks his little wheels and falls, what will they add next?
Force him to wear a helmet?

At some point you won't have to worry as you will not be able to lose money even if you try your hardest, but will not be able to make some either...
Comment: They're going to fuckn perma ban trading alltogether.
Comment: Do some people really think they're going to be turning 1000 into a million in 5 months? To make that one needs to make over 7% every single day.
If a friend of a friend (as I would never have a friend that thinks this) said he will make that, this would be my answer "kys you dumb ******* *** go **** **** *** **** you **** ****" and start a troll 10 yo argument.

Since february I made on average 4-5% a week with crypto, since late April in FX & metal/NRJ CFD's 4-5% too, last week while I was sick I wanted to "try something" and lost 3%, and this week I am only up 1% (in FX).

In January I made more scalping/day trading crypto but normies as they are called were throwing money to me... I grabbed as much as I could, made so much for free I even invested in crypto's! Just didn't know what to do with all that free money.

If you manage to be always right and be a bawwss like me you might get 5% a week so in 5 months 1000 would become 2600-3000, 5000 would become close to 15k. If that is not enough... you might be a witty bitty little bit greedy. Just a bit.

This site... Every single broker gets terrible user review XD
This has to be bots? XD They're all "the worse I have ever seen and I saw many".

Maybe just traders are annoying pricks... little princesses.
Comment: I feel (without using leverage & taking a few good trades a week), in average times 5% is possible for a good trader, but in November october etc more is easy, in summer maybe less...

For more % yeah crypto can give more, shitstocks pump and dumps too...

Lots of story of troll stocks traders that made huge gains bought a share at 30 cents sold at 1.5$

Better be a turtle.
Go check any compound chart... Trutle starts slow but BOOM it goes crazy exponential really quick.
Comment: “If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.” This famous quote by Norman Augustine defines exactly what’s wrong with stock market experts. While investors are constantly looking for advice and forecasts to prevent failure in the markets, the so-called experts are only doing their job and getting paid for commission. Fundamentally, your brokers’ job is only taking orders and executing your trades. Their hidden objective is to get you to make as many trades as possible, so that they make money, based on trade commissions and fees. However, he is not someone you should turn to for stock trading advice or analysis. If he really was an expert and knew so much about the markets, he wouldn’t need to sit behind a desk and work so hard. He would follow his own advice and make lots of money!

Since I'm only taking 5% on 5 figures thought... maybe I SHOULD sell advice myself so I can stop being broke. Noooo my preciousssss my precious secrets are miiine.
"When the majority of people extrapolate the past in a bull cycle and expect the future to be the same, they usually are right and we are pretty early in the cycle"
- Warren Dalio
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