What is The FAMOUS SETUP? Xmass GIFT for Everyone

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Today I'm going to share with you one of the most powerful Trading Pattern I've found and traded since 2012.

How to Predict Tomorrows Wave 5 10 Hours in Advance and Trade it with 80% Win rate?

We have a topic in our AIMS Forum dated Feb 13, 2012. Still running and still valid. and hopefully will continue to work for the years to come.

This video explains what is The Famous Setup and How to Take it.

Famous setup is based on the concept that
>>> Wave 3's of H1 time frame usually last between 2-3 days followed by 1 day sometimes 2 days Wave 4 and then 1-2 days Wave 5.

What we do is when we see a strong move on a pair (today) we expect it to go sideways during Asian session.

We want to see it creating pancake tight sideways horizontal flat aims boxes. (A tight Range)
>>> and then we catch the 5th of wave 3 of h1.

Our preferred way is to go to m15 and find a S1 (a breakout Setup into Wave 5) but we can also simply trade the h1 level at LO on H1 time frame.

Entry checklist:
- W3 on H1 from previous days London/US sessions;
- W3 has not shown divergence, interweave divergence (as 5 of 3 may be done);
- Flat/sideways Asian session, shown by M15 sleeping alligator , close to ZL, or by very small H1 AIMS box;
- W3 has not retraced back to the zero line, although this may give a genuine S1 into W5.
- Entry on break of M15 level with opposite M15 level as stop-loss;
- Entry can also be taken on H1 level using H1 chart.


hi secret setup . FAMOUS setup and setup1 all is one setup with different name?
i think you mean :
AO is peak w3
price retrace to purple w4
and start w5
80 % win rate
is that correct?

we dont trade
aims ao is sleep
ao cross zl
break aims box
win rate 70%
thank you
iTradeAIMS hojat.andalib
@hojat.andalib, Yes, The FAMOUS setup is actually a Setup 1 but this setup happens under certain time-based circumstances. This setup is 2-day Pattern.

You need the Last day to be a CLEAN STRONG Wave 3.

That wave 3 must stop near the near of London session.

The Wave 4 must continue and create a very tight boxed range during the time between London evening and 7am the next morning.

Your entries will be around frankfurt open to London open.

If there is not trade within the first 2-3 hours of Europe session the setup is invalidated.
hojat.andalib iTradeAIMS
@iTradeAIMS, thanks