EURGBP - flying this morning....

FX:EURGBP   Euro / British Pound
EURGBP Identified end of last week.

Big GBP gaps on Sunday evening open has driven EURGBP up nicely.


The Algo 'EDGE' identified the trade for me. Not spending hours on screen doing any analysis - just going about my day as I wanted- an alert just pinged in my pocket 😎 .

How edge can help you too.....
Stress-free trading; no more guessing where the markets are going or how much you are risking.

Easy to follow both the entry & exit of each trade. And where to place your stop loss.

Trade with confidence using the live back testing data.

You set your risk, it tells you the lot size.

Automate your own trading alerts or use ours in Discord.

Superior 1-2-1 support from our team when you need it.

Works on all markets and devices.

Edge is a trend following strategy. It can be used on any market and time frame. We can back up over 4200 previous trades to confirm our edge from previous data, but the data is live too.

This gives us belief in our trading strategy for the long term.

‘Edge’ sits in your trading view, on your phone trading view app, or laptop for maximum convenience and accessibility.

You’ll see exactly what we see, live - as and when the trade is valid - the trade, entry price, SL and multiple TPs (although we hold until opposite trade as this is the most profitable longer term plan), lot size, etc.

We have lost no time out of our day doing technical analysis . Technical analysis allows for too much discretion and subjectivity.

I call it guesswork.

One minute you see a resistance zone , then you see a trend line break and retest. Then a head and shoulder pattern on the lower time frame.

You’ve seen all the other trade ideas. Everyone has something different to say. Confusing, right?

I used to trade like this too.

Getting a decent entry was OK. Getting the right exit wasn’t.

I used to let losers run and cut winners too short.

Not anymore.

Now, It’s black or white. Either a trade is valid or it isn’t. And I know when closing any position, it might not win but that’s OK.

It’s all just probability. 2 levels of probability - the first is that every trade is unqiue, like tossing a coin - we could get 4 heads out of 5 coin tossers.

The second level is having an edge over time - if you did 100 coin tosses you should get around half being heads and half tails.

BUT each coin toss is isolation is completely unique.

Makes sense, right?

Want to trade without emotion and get your time back (with a proven edge too)?

DM me to get started.

P.S. This isn't for everyone - you need to follow discipline, have patience and understand probability. We aren't here to help you flip a £500 account to £2k in a week.

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