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ECB Draghi:

Draghi: Our Measures Are Working, Creating Jobs
Draghi: Our Measures Ensure Recovery that Will Ultimately Benefit German Savers, Pensioners
Draghi: We Take German Concerns Seriously
Draghi: Economic Policies are Essential to Complement our Monetary Policy
Draghi: Price Stability Doesn't Mean Inflation of 0%
Draghi: We Need to Act When Inflation Is Close to 0%
Draghi: Our Measures Have Delivered
Draghi: Very Low Rates Affect People's Finances, Welfare
Draghi: Low Rates Reflect Weak Long-Term Growth
Draghi: Inflation-Adjusted Interest Rates Have Been Low Many Times in Germany Before Euro
Draghi: German Exports Benefit from Euro Area Economic Recovery
Draghi: German Unemployment Is At Its Lowest Since Reunification
Draghi: Low Financing Costs Are Good News for Germany's Finance Ministry
Draghi: ECB Policy Isn't Main Factor For Low Profitability of Banks
Draghi: German Banks' Cost-to-Income Ratios Are Relatively High
Draghi: Low Rates For a Long Period Risk Overvaluation in Asset Markets
Draghi: Not Seeing Overheating in Eurozone, German Economy As a Whole
Draghi: For Rates to Rise, We Need More Investment, Economic Reforms
Draghi: Policymakers Need to Seize Opportunity to Deliver Reforms
Draghi: Low Rates Today Are Necessary for Return to Higher Rates in Future
Draghi: Need to Allow ECB Policy Measures to Develop Full Impact
ECB Draghi: Thankful for Respect of ECB Independence From German Lawmakers
ECB Draghi: The ECB Is Sensitive to Risks, People's Concerns About Low Rates
ECB Draghi: 'Very Satisfactory Exchange' With German Lawmakers
ECB Draghi: I Cherish Occasion for Debate With German Lawmakers
ECB Draghi: Germany is Close to Full Employment, Fiscal Stimulus Should Be Carefully Targeted
ECB Draghi: Germany is Close to Full Employment, Fiscal Stimulus Should Be Carefully Targeted
ECB Draghi: I Never Argued for Irresponsible Fiscal Expansion
Draghi: Major Central Banks Have All Embarked on Large-Scale Sovereign Bond Purchase Programs

BOE Shafik:

BOE Shafik: No Doubt UK Experiencing "Sizeable Economic Shock"
BOE Shafik: Likely That Further Monetary Stimulus Will Be Needed
BOE Shafik: Reduction In Openness Implies Slower Growth
BOE Shafik: Brexit Uncertainty Is Weighing On Business Investment