As I said last weeks...If we make a parallel between the chart on a week and one month we can see as EJ Pattern Pattern formed since 2018!
In the 1 week chart we observed that this is a very important area for EJ's near future ... if you see in the left circle, any closure even for 1 day over the green line means an imminent climb in the 137,300 area
However ... if the month of May closes below 134,050 then we can take into account a very strong retreat movement up to the 125,000 area and so on ... UP AGAIN!
anyway ... it looks like it will be the first time in 15 years when EJ ends 7 consecutive months on GREEN

THIS I was telling you last week, EJ rejected from the very strong resistance formed in the last 4-5 years and from the Fibonacci 786 area on the 1 month chart!
From here ... I will only look for SELL for at least 400-500 pips until the first close even for 1 day over 134,050

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