Bullish Gartley

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Target 1- 38% level
Target 2- 61.8% level
In my opinion, some would say completely lacking in humility, ha ha ha hah !
The pattern you have outlined is not really anything at all.
Maybe a Butterfly and that would have a Point D at the 1.272
If you're interested these websites are a great resource
for patterns/trading.
Have Fun ~~~~~
Wishing you lots of pips in 2014 and beyond !

Yuba_Tamazgha dojitrader
Please you are welcome to critique, but make sure your comments are mature, and no marketing link selling. I do not use Automated pattens software from FXgrounds or any other software scanne. I use my eye to scan for these patens . At the end of the day, if i am profit and have pips from this pattern, i believe I would I have the last laugh.
ha ha ha hah ! (evil laugh)

Yuba_Tamazgha Yuba_Tamazgha
dojitrader Yuba_Tamazgha
My apologies !!!!!
I've read my comments again and just don't see where they
are immature. Unless, of course, your definition means
only those comments that agree.
I sent those websites for the free stuff
I was trying to let you know of websites that help identify the
correct patterns.
I would have no trouble showing a profit if I posted charts
4 days after they are in profit as you did.
I would enjoy seeing you post a chart 4 days before.
Forgive me for trying to help.
I should know better by now ~~~~~~
Yuba_Tamazgha dojitrader
You comment was immature because you laughed (hahahaha) and you try clean it up by ending it off with a
" Wishing you lots of pips in 2014 and beyond ! "
I posted this 4 days after I was in profit because I forgot to post this pattern on tradinview.. Regardless, it wouldn't matter. On the screenshot you can even see what price I had entered.. I entered at 138.249.. Dead on at PRZ.. No harmonic has to be the exact ratio or a text book pattern . It would be a high probability pattern if the pattern matched the exact ratio but I am aggressive trader. And just because you couldn't see this pattern with your own eyes and i did, don't make this pattern wrong. I'm still in profit. You don't have to agree with me. But just make sure you come correct and mature with your comments and you'll be alright with me.

Cheers mate.
dojitrader Yuba_Tamazgha
Again, I'm sorry for upsetting you !!!!
I was trying to laugh at myself ----- not you
I thought that was obvious.
And, I will stand corrected if you can find just one
other trader who thinks that the pattern you have labeled
is a Gartley.
If you are using proprietary technique perhaps you should
disclose that in our comments.
Yuba_Tamazgha dojitrader
You didn't upset me dojitrader. You started your comment with Sarcasm. It was very sarcastic, i know when i see sarcasm. Then you tried to smooth it over with providing me links and wishing me good year. You can critique on here without the sarcasm

If you are stuck on technicals and you are text book trader, then no, I agree with you. This not a Gartley patteren, but this is close enough. And When I entered at 138.249 at the PRZ it revere zed and I am in profit. I had a friend who is in Fxground, he told me you can customize their indicators to have a flex rule. The flex rule gives the pattern some rule to break a few rules. Not every pattern has to be exact ratio. But when it is exact, it's high probability.

dojitrader Yuba_Tamazgha
I think you're the first trader to think that my wishes for a
good year are insincere. We're obviously Ocean's apart
in the use of the English language.
If you think I've been out of line please contact one of the
moderators and have then get hold me to correct my
behavior towards a more positive outcome.
And yes, I actually do wish you a good trading year !!!!!
Yuba_Tamazgha dojitrader
Dojitrader it's not that big of a deal. But there is one thing I can agree with you, our use of english language is different. I actually do live in America now and have been here for 8 years, and I know most of the jargon and sarcasm. This is what you said

" In my opinion, some would say completely lacking in humility, ha ha ha hah !
The pattern you have outlined is not really anything at all. "

Instead of assuming this pattern is nothing at all, ask questions. You could have said

" Hey yuba, I'm having a hard time seeing if this is a legitimate pattern on your chart, could you maybe tell me you are you looking at? are you using a proprietary setting ?"

Then I would have replied

" Hi Dojitrader, I'm not necessarily following the text book on the Gartley, but this close enough to the ratios and it has the shape of a traditional gartley created H.M. Gartley before the use of fibonacci with these patterns"

This is how you build dialog and connect with traders worldwide. We could have had a different outcome if you were humble in your critiquing. and now you are upset because i checked you on it. Just be humble on here.

Cheers mate..
Yuba_Tamazgha Yuba_Tamazgha
***This pattern is still in a shape of a traditional gartley pattern created by H.M Gartely before the use of fibonacci..
dojitrader Yuba_Tamazgha
Gotcha ! Thanks !
Yuba_Tamazgha dojitrader
No sweat Dojitrader. This is an online community to have fun and connect. As long as we are both are making money and making pips, that's all that matters. I respect you for being a so technical on these patterns. It shows that you have discipline in your trading. I take more of a traditional approach to these harmonic patterns as far as the shapes and how it looks, just how Harold M. Gartley would have traded these patterns in the early 1930's in the stock market... Even though this is not a new age high probability Fibonacci Gartley, the pattern still reversed at the D leg. This just proves trading these patterns the old fashion way still works. But a trader using the exact Fibonacci ratios with these patterns will have a higher probability.

eXcess0070 Yuba_Tamazgha
there is NO WAY that this is a Gartley pattern, the "REAL" gartley pattern must have an AB=CD muve without exceding the "A" leg, its written in the Gartley's book, sorry for my poor english, but don't get mad, trading is not an exact science you can change the patterns as you wish and create your own rules. I'm a pattern trader, and I have done it for being able to set my 2 on 1 Risk/Reward, but before you do that, you should make backtesting to confirm that is better for you that way.
Yuba_Tamazgha eXcess0070
I believe there is an AB=CD move, the pattern has not exceeded the "A" leg. If you look closely, the "A" leg is above the "C"leg. You need to click the button "make this chart mine" so you can see the entire pattern with all 5 legs..So not sure what you are looking at there. At the end of the day...Every trader needs to ask himself this question.

Did the pattern reversed in the PRZ at the D leg? Check..

Is the trader hitting his/her targets? Check

Was the pattern profitable ? Yes

Then there should be no problem. I have been trading for 7 years, all of my backtesting on patterns has been traded with experience and with real money with a solid equity curve. So i believe i know what works and what does not.

Yuba_Tamazgha Yuba_Tamazgha
Where you made a mistake is counting AB=CD when its actually XABCD.. you need to count all 5 legs. I believe you are only counting 4. Price actions a way far away from the "A" leg.

eXcess0070 Yuba_Tamazgha
sorry, my mistake, I was talking about the "X" leg, and yeah, I understand what you say, but for me, that is not a gartley pattern, that's a butterfly pattern, and a very profitable pattern if you know how to trade it. I don't really like butterflies couse I base my stops out of the "X" leg ( I have my own way to set my stops/targets ) but basically that's it.

Now for example I love the "Cypher pattern" discovered by a guy from Trade empowered ( if you want go check their youtube channel search for jason stapleton or akil Stokes ) that pattern is a really good one, but its kinda new.

Now, what I do is I trade, ( gartley, bat and cypher patterns ) in a really agressive way, and I identify thouse patterns based on exact fib ratios,

and I record everysingle trade, and every year I check results and adjust my trading strategy, thats how I got so far. So at the end we agree in what you just said,

But anyways that gartley, is not a gartley for most pattern traders.
Have a good trading day. ( BTW all my positions just got screw T_T )
+1 Reply
Yuba_Tamazgha eXcess0070
Hey guys you are right! I made mistake.. I meant to draw a gartley pattern. I didn't extend the "X" leg. The "X" leg was suppose to start at 136.33 to.. instead I started the "X" leg around 138.84.. My apologizes. You are right, the "D" leg is never suppose to exceed X. I mis-drew "X".. I mean to start the X leg at 136.33.
Yuba_Tamazgha eXcess0070
I will repost this pattern with the correct X leg as a gartley
Yuba_Tamazgha eXcess0070
I appreciate your humble criticism. You provided a reason with great detail why this pattern is not a gartley, and made me realize that i mis-draw this.
eXcess0070 Yuba_Tamazgha
Don't worry Yuba, I was thinking the same thing, I saw a bat and a cypher pattern in the same area based on my own rules. but still are not complete yet, ( the final retracement most get to the 88.6, and we are in the 78,6 ) so, waiting to see if my patterns complete. and if thouse fail we have a bigger gartley pattern setting up. so for me its just to soon to get involved in a trade. have a great trading day :)

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